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Social Media, The Anti Social Platform | Chat

I’ve been reasonably quiet on social media the past few weeks. I’ve had a hectic schedule at home but with so much also going on in the social media blogging world I just have no desire to be part of it. People are moaning and whining about other bloggers and companies and what they may and may not be doing, filters are getting pushed to the max and engagement is at an all time low thanks to algorithms and people wanting something for nothing. A lot of people are hiding behind a  ...

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Blogging and Internet Jargon Decoded

This time last year I had been blogging for just a few months and all these blogging terms and internet words were totally confusing me and making me think like WTF am I going to do, I can’t understand any of it. No one helped me, nobody really knew what I was even talking about when I asked. So I turned to Google. The thing is, when you type certain things into Google it normally comes back with either you are going to lose a limb or something that is so complex it may as well be  ...

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