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First Trimester | What they don’t tell you

Incorporating my personal life into my blog, I have decide, is so right (for me). Adding opinion and stories stops it turning into an advertising forum. I think some posts I do are super important and I know will help other people going forward. Whether it be to steer clear of a certain product or a product that will change your life or even (almost) a for-warning of whats to come – like this post. Things I wasn’t told throughout my first trimester is something I knew I wanted  ...

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Soul Healing 

We all know that sometimes life can really grind you down. There are times when the littlest of things can set you off. Whether it be tears, a bad day, a bad week, an ‘episode’… it can be the straw that broke the camels back. Over the past year I’ve been trying to focus on being a better person for many different reasons. It takes a lot for me to snap and when I do it is not pretty. I am one of those people that’ll sit there and fester until the cup overfills.  ...

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