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Dealing With Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I ummed and arrred for a while about doing this post as this month is beauty month. But, I guess some people have their teeth done as a cosmetic operation and some do not have a choice. Wisdom teeth are unnecessary teeth hiding at the back of your mouth and if you have a small mouth like me (HA!) there is not enough room for them and the pain in unbearable. Some people do not have pain but a few teeth misaligned means their look is ruined and they just after to have surgery to be perfect.  ...

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Hey, White Smile

I was always a little skeptical about teeth whitening products. You hear all these horror stories and i thought unless you go to a dentist or up to Harley Street then your teeth would probably fall out. Little drastic i know but your teeth are precious and you shouldn’t just put any old rubbish on them. I have done a lot of research and Hey White Smile seemed to have a good few reviews. The clincher for me was their Instagram page to be honest. It shows all the celebrities using them,  ...

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