The Body Shop | 2019 New Releases

  Fresh Nude Tinted Beauty Balm The Body Shop have introduced this Balm to their collection with a hope to rival against those big names and produce something 100% vegan, sweat resistant and long lasting. The… View Post

Becoming a Vegan | A Meatless Me

Can we start just by clarifying that I am trying to turn Vegan currently. I know it is hard for current meat eaters but this post is there to help both me and you, so… View Post

Glossybox | Vegan Limited Edition Box

Yesterday saw the mark of the release of Glossybox Vegan Limited Edition Box ! It is a box filled with 10 products that are 100% Vegan. Veganism is fast becoming the way forward for a lot… View Post

Little Known Box | 1st Birthday Box

I can’t believe a whole year has gone by and Little Known Box are having their 1st birthday! Seriously, where has the last 12 months gone! So firstly a big fat HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to… View Post

Eco Tools | The Bath and Spa Collection

Oh EcoTools how I love thee. You will know from my last post how glorious their brushes are and how much I love them. Eco Tools, as a company, are a breath of fresh air… View Post