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Dress Those Winter Blues Away!

Well folks, it’s happened. Winter is well and truly here. It’s the time of frost encrusted windows, chilly, slate-grey skies and those ubiquitous multi coloured cups streaming out of those franchised coffee outlets. As we walk, we leave trails of cloud behind us like Thomas the Tank Engine as we negotiate slippery, sparsely salted streets and navigate the thronging masses on the high street to do those last remnants of Christmas shopping. Image by PxHere What? You haven’t started yet? No  ...

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Mental Health Awareness | How I obliterated my SAD

English winters are not hugely cold or warm they are mainly dreary and grey with a toss of English moaning about the weather whipped in. This is where I think Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, has developed in mankind. Having nothing to look forward to and dreary day after dreary day can certainly have an impact on someone. As a teenager I know it did for me. I mean, What did I have to look forward to? Exams, revision , holiday homework, walks to the bus stop in the cold? Everyone needs  ...

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